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Work Experience:
Self Employed, Field Director
Accomplishments: Negotiate costs and recruiting specifications with field and with client. Manage Respondent Recruiting process on both simple and difficult to find respondents. Bring in additional recruiters as necessary to achieve fully recruited groups that match client specifications. Trouble shoot recruiting issues, unsatisfactory service at facilities. Ensure client needs and expectations are surpassed while at the facilityDirector
Accomplishments: Manage and Develop 8 staff members at different levels in Chicago office of nationwide Qualitative Research Company. Develop bids for projects, negotiate costs with internal sales manager to be sure Chicago office maintains profitable status, Ensure highest quality recruiting and service for clients. Sell MHC services to new and lapsed clients. Brainstorm on difficult recruits to achieve target respondent objectives. Put processes into place to ensure smooth efficient backbone so that blips and hiccups can occur without causing a crisis. Monitor performance of office to determine if new methods/processes might be appropriate.

Self Employed, Consultant
Accomplishments: Consult with clients on best recruiting practices, project design, negotiation and problem solving strategies.

The Cambridge Group, Primary Research Manager
Accomplishments: Oversee qualitative and quantitative research efforts to gather market data. Designate most effective methodology based on project scope, questions, and needs. Coordinate screener development. Foster and maintain working relationships with moderators, copywriters, and qualitative research facilities globally. Direct recruiting process to support logistics; determine course of action for difficult recruits.

Manage project bid process, from obtaining initial survey pricing from quantitative suppliers to developing research budget for each project; cultivate relationships with quantitative suppliers. Conduct problem-solving and crisis management to drive successful project execution. Interface regularly with project teams to discuss project status; facilitate kick-off, brainstorming, and crisis management meetings.

• Restructured research manager role to include not only qualitative but quantitative research as well as escalating functions, including issue resolution.
• Championed improvements to departmental training and discipline by identifying areas of concern in market research process.
• Reestablished cooperative relations with previous supplier through targeted negotiations.
• Expanded staff to include new copywriters and moderators

DirectResource, Inc, Director
Accomplishments: Project Director
Managed costs and timelines for domestic and international project lifecycles. Performed negotiations with suppliers and vendors regarding costs, ensuring adherence to budget set by client. Reported project status for current clients and gathered pricing quotes for prospective clients. Identified and addressed project issues as noted by involved parties, driving quota attainment. Administered current budgets.

• Consistently achieved project completion at least 10% below client’s established budget goals, including completing key
project $4,000 under budget through successful negotiations with Madison Square Garden to reduce costs from $10,000 per
day to $1,500 per day.
• Drove delivery of targeted solutions in timely manner through collaborating with personnel across multiple locations to report on and identify project issues.
• Developed unique Internet incentive program focused on web-based currency.

Companies/Brands Worked on:
Not at liberty to state

Communication Studies, Seton Hall University,

Special Skills:
Project Management, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Team Leadership
Data Collection, Data Analysis, Needs Assessment, Issue Resolution, Cost Control, Market Analysis, Budget Management, Vendor/Supplier Relations, Vendor Negotiations,Client Communications, Employee Development, Process Improvements, End-User Support

Professional Research certification