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Work Experience:
InVivo BVA, Field Manager
Accomplishments: •Responsible for the day-to-day operations for supplier-side shopper lab research facility.
•Hire and train staff of recruiters and interviewers for successful execution of face-to-face data collection administered via CAPI in a central location.
•Work with Field Director and account staff to stage the shopper lab based on detailed POG provided by clients, including procurement of exact products by upc. Assure all products and shelf sets are consistent across markets through a visual check.
•Review and provide feedback to clients regarding inconsistencies in POG, shelf layout.
•Test questionnaire to check skip patterns, interview flow, logic and stimuli shown.
•Host client visits for Focus Groups, One-on-Ones, shelf check, and first day of interviewing.
•Work with on-site staff to achieve quotas, maintain quality checks and manage deadlines.
•Maintained database of participants which was utilized for future pre-recruits.
•Maintain records by project of product acquisition cost, incentives, shipping, photography, and other expenses.
•Prepare monthly cost analysis by project of hourly employee expense.

North American Insights, VP of Operations
Accomplishments: •Responsible for the day-to-day operations for a privately owned national data collection service with sales of $1.7 million. Handling over 100 clients and 1000 projects per year.
•Schedule and oversee projects for six mall-based data collection offices in five states. Projects include: central location testing, mall intercept, pre-recruits, focus groups and in-store studies.
•Serve as central client contact, developing budgets and providing quotations for proposed projects. Work with clients on a daily basis to address production and quality issues and provide appropriate course of action to resolve the problem.
•Selected as a preferred vendor by the top two Market Research Firms.
•Maintained database for all projects, including client, specifications, billing history and profitability; utilize the database to prepare monthly and yearly reports.
•Prepare and submit billing for each project; monitor project performance through completion; provide recommendations on cost adjustments as needed.
•Analyze and update monthly Work-in-Progress Reports to provide revenue estimates

Elrick & Lavidge, Project Analyst
Accomplishments: •Support five Account Executives in the Chicago office with revenue of $7 million; act as central contact with home office regarding financial issues; automated budgeting process to provide detailed cost components and billing as required by our client.
•Increased gross margin for the Chicago offices’ largest client by 6%.
•Provide Account Executives with pricing for each new proposal after collaboration with appropriate departments and review of performance on prior projects. Projects include: phone, central location testing, mall intercept, in-store and online interviewing.
•Developed and maintained database for all projects in the Chicago office by Account Executives including client specifications, billing history and profitability; utilize the database to prepare reports for the Managing Director to use in decision making.
•Monitor project performance through completion. Recommend cost adjustments as needed; prepare and submit requests for client invoices; follow-up with clients on past due invoices; analyze and update monthly Work-in-Progress Reports; provide revised revenue and profitability estimates.
•Manage external fieldwork to support account personnel in four states, from proposal stage through completion of data collection.
•Obtain competitive bids from agencies; provide detailed estimates to the Account Executive.
•Monitor project progress and provide feedback to Account Executives and Project Directors.
•Negotiate costs with agencies when specifications vary from original estimate.

Conway/Milliken, Director Data Collection
Accomplishments: •Manage a staff of four data collection associates and two coders; coordinate job schedules for four internal groups located in three different cities.
•Managed relationships with over 30 external field agencies outsourcing $3.5 million in work.
•Oversee external fieldwork, coding and keypunch for domestic and international clients.
•Obtain competitive bids from external agencies during the proposal stage and provide detailed estimates to the account executives including shipping, programming, coding, keypunch and internal field management.
•Consult with account personnel on proper wording, methodology, timing, markets, quotas and specific interviewing procedures.
•Utilize the internal database for selection of markets to complete the data collection based on past performance including timing, quality and cost; monitor progress of each project and work with the Data Collection Managers and Supervisors to provide proactive steps for problems resolution related to timing, quotas or cost.
•Jobs fielded include concept test, commercial test, discrete choice, Q2 Sort, taste test, product optimization, attitude and awareness, on-site projects with consumers and business professionals including doctors; interviewing methods include CAPI and paper and pencil.

Companies/Brands Worked on:
SC Johnson
Procter & Gamble
General Mills
Bel Brands
Oscar Mayer
Kimberly Clark
Georgia Pacific
Bon Grain
Land O Lakes

BA, Economics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,
Assoc, Business Administration, Richard J Daley College,