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Automotive Category Expertise


  • A leading Asian auto manufacturer conducted a U.S. segmentation study to identify key target segmenst for brand positioning, product development, and communications and media.  The study was linked to MRI data to get detailed media consumption profiles of the target segments.
  • A unique brand segmentation study was conducted in the U.S. for a brand that was declining in sales.  The idea was to identify the segments of consumers who “loved” the brand, around which the most effective “comeback” strategy could be devised with respect to auto design, features and benefits and advertising appeals
  • Through the use of conjoint analysis, an auto manufacturer determined how to maximize its ability to “attack” the competition’s market share without cannibalizing its own product line.
  • A major manufacturer found they could save substantial money and receive comparable results by replacing their car clinics with clinics that used numerous, highly detailed photographs.
  • A major automotive manufacturer developed targeted after-market programs to key segments within its corporate marketplace.
  • Focus groups following a car clinic enabled a major Japanese automaker to discover some key problems it needed to address in new models.




  • A leading motorcycle brand conducted a needs and motivations study among young males in oder to improve the positioning of their brand and line of motorcycles
  • A study was conducted for a leading motorcycle brand among potential customers who use online venues for shopping.  The study was used to improve the interactive component of their website and eCommerce store