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Business-to-Business Expertise

Health Care

  • An leading pharmaceutical company determined the optimum positioning for a new line of products targeted at physician specialists.
  • A major chain of hospitals used image studies to determine the best positioning for each of its urban and rural locations.
  • A diabetes care manufacturer conducted new product development and testing study among physicians and hospital personnel to help improve the success of its launch in the U.S.
  • A large manufacturer of “infectious disease control” products sought to learn how best to position a new line of products and services to the operating room and ICU physicians and nurses of major hospitals.
  • A major medical supply company conducted qualitative research among the hopsital c-suite to map the decison-making process for major hospital contracts



Technology Products and Services

  • A leading technology company conducted a two year tracking study to measure the equity of its 11 brand portfolio among IT Pros, IT Developers and “knowledge workers.”
  • A leading travel and reservations company conducted online interviews with travel agency owners/managers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of its services vs. competitors



Other BTB Studies

  • A study was conducted among airline executives to learn how airlines digitally manage their airplane inventories.  The results of the study helped infom our client’s airline channel marketing strategy