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Digital and Technology Category Expertise


  • A new online company revised its advertising campaign after assessing its customer perceptions.
  • Prior to launching its web site, a company used qualitative research to develop a “Pre-launch” check list to help ensure a successful grand opening.
  • Through in-depth qualitative work, one company learned the span of attitudes toward the various methods of advertising online.
  • A technology startup needed to determine how its target market viewed its competitors. By conducting a study of web users in its category the company was able to identify its best opportunities.
  • An online marketer redesigned its web site by allowing users to evaluate several new concepts.



Technology Products and Services

  • A major technology products manufacturer conducted a digital living study to determine what kinds of products consumers would need for their homes in the future.
  • Another global technology products company conducted ethnography in seven different countries to determine how best to “roll out” their product line in each country.  The study involved spending time observing the digital/music lifestyles of teens in those countries.
  • Through the use of focus groups, an interactive television provider identified the strengths and weaknesses of its electronic Internet gateway.
  • By having respondents complete a color-coding exercise, an electronics company was provided with quantified diagnostic information on its new user guide.
  • A growing computer company revised its service and support policies to better meet the needs of business purchasers.
  • A technology start-up determined how its target market viewed its competitors by conducting a study of web users in its category.




  • By designing a longitudinal churn study a carrier was able to monitor, not only market attitudes, but also competitive activities on a regional level.
  • Through analysis of unduplicated reach and frequency (TURF), a company decided which combination of promotional incentives garnered the most new customers as compared to simply “leaving money on the table.”
  • TURF analysis was used to create the most appealing packages for a multi-tiered Centrex offer.
  • Conjoint analysis was used to gauge the value of different attributes associated with a new Directory Assistance offer.