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Retail Category Expertise

Grocery & C-Stores

  • A leading national c-store operator wanted to test the impact of dramatic changes to its merchandising mix, store design/layout and communcations.  Four test markets/cities were selected in which all stores in each market were converted to the new program.  Four matching control makets were also selected and Savitz conducted a year long”test market” stduy to measure the impact of the new program on sales and profit.
  • A national convenience store chain test marketed 6 new departments in several test stores over the course of 18 months.  Savitz conducted the tests in order to help optimize the – food/product offering, customer service, signage, menu and pricing.
  • A local shopper telephone survey was conducted for a national retailer to assess the impact of a new competitor entering into the trading area. The Savitz Customer Retention Model was used to identify specific areas of service and merchandise improvements that would retain current customers and increase the incidence of store visits.
  • A regional supermarket chain conducted customer satisfaction surveys at each of its stores to define its trading area, optimize the product mix and set pricing policies. The chain has had one of its most successful years in its history despite increased competition.
  • A supermarket chain started a new advertising campaign after the results of a telephone study showed areas of image weakness.
  • Focus groups were used to test the advertising concepts for a supermarket chain. The information was used to make the advertising stronger and increase the impact on the chain’s image.




  • A large consumer electronics chain conducted a brand positioning and consumer segmentation study to help revitalize their business.  Five new store concepts were created, one for each selected target segment and subsequently test marketed in select cities.  The study involved a 2-day offsite consumer emersion session for all Vice Presidents and above.
  • A national consumer electronics retailer conducted a category development study to optimize its presentation of “head sets.”  The study was designed to input on merchandising appeal, product mix, line optimization and POP communications.



Mass Merchandisers

  • A study was conducted for a leading mass merchandiser to measure the habits and practices of online shopping among its customers. The client was able to improve its digital marketing strategy based on the findings of the study.
  • A national mass merchant conducted an ongoing “private label” branding study in which over 100 new product concepts were tested before being introduced within the stores. A proprietary panel was assembled for the client and all interviewing was conducted online.



Department Stores

  • A leading department store conducted a women’s shoes category study to learn about their needs, motivations and preference for different styles.
  • A high-end women’s department store conducted a segmentation study to identify the segments of women who were most likely to shop their stores.  The store used the results to improve its merchandising mix as well as its media strategy for reaching the different target segments.




  • A quick-service restaurant used storyboards and videos to develop and refine television spots.
  • Exit interviews at a quick-service restaurant indicated that the menu placement and POP displays for a new menu item were ineffective promotions.
  • Print ads of concepts were tested online to identify which new dishes would appeal the most to the client’s target prospects.
  • New sandwich recipes were tested among respondents and the corporate Chefs were able to view consumer reactions and opinions in real-time.