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Integrated Capabilities

The Savitz name stands for extensive, integrated capabilities involving research insights and consulting that help clients’ top line and bottom line to SKYROCKET. 




Savitz Consulting Integrated Capabilities

  • Custom Market Research: Marketing research insights throughout the marketing process to make important tactical decisions with regard to consumer targeting, product development, communications, branding and customer satisfaction.
  • Strategic Insights and Consulting: Strategic engagements designed to understand the consumer and the structure of markets with the goal of identifying unique opportunities and innovative "go-to-market" programs.
  • Social Media Mining and the Digital World: Supporting the needs of marketing managers with the latest insights and technologies for – social media mining, digital qualitative research, mobile insights, communities, website optimization, and web behavior monitoring


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Producing Measurable Results for our Clients!


Savitz Consulting Insight Services have evolved over the past decade to keep pace with the dramatic changes in marketing itself. The evolving consumer (their needs, motivations and lifestyles), and the increased power and control they now have over brands and retailers have required new, more innovative approaches to marketing and marketing insights. Conversely, the business-to-business buyer is more aware, more highly trained and informed, and has more choice of competing products and services than ever before.

While the demands on marketers have escalated, executive teams have added even more responsibility and expectations for measuring the impact of marketing spend, i.e., just how profitable are our marketing initiatives and programs? which are most effective and why? Thus, the need for measuring return on marketing investment (ROMI) has intensified the need for accurate and reliable models and other methods for measuring the business impact.

Thus, Savitz Consulting has dedicated its latest generation of services to providing the marketing insights necessary to succeed in the new world.