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Custom Marketing Research

Strategic Marketing Insights


Savitz combines a fact-based consulting approach with proprietary insights frameworks to execute strategic marketing research initiatives that produce recommendations, concepts and plans that address the business marketing needs of our clients. We have years of experince designing and executing strategic research engagements for some of the world’s leading brands.

In many cases our clients are seeking some form of competitve advantage to help them achieve their growth objectives. They desire new solutions through marketing innovation that often require defining new marketes, selecting the best consumer target segments, creating a better product mix and/or a smarter “go-to-market” stratgey.



Fact Based Consulting


Fact based consulting is an approach to marketing decision making based on the facts and guidelines generated from primary qualitative and quantitative research findings, secondary data sources and others, such as social media conversation. We strive to move the research results “off the shelf” to the front lines of decison making by designing studies that fit our clients’ internal marketing planning and execution cycles. And, instead of simply summarizing results we make business marketing recommendations with concepts, decision tools and planning frameworks that our clients use within their organizations.


- Strategic and tactical marketing insights

- Business marketing recommendations

- Concepts, decison tools, and planning frameworks

- Client “activation” working sessions





Strategic Marketing Insights Frameworks


Strategic marketing research generally requires the most insightful forms of consumer and buyer research. Advanced frameworks (standards for questionnaire content and analytical output) help achieve the level of insight required to reach strategic objectives, such as: the defintion of new markets, identification of new opportunities or a superior brand positioning over competitors. Shown below is a sample of Savitz proprietary insights frameworks that have helped some of our clients recently.



Market Structure


Understanding the structure of markets is perhaps the single most important aspect of the strategic marketing initiatives executed to achieve our clients’ growth objectives. Market structure maps are created to show the driving forces of consumer choice (the axes) in any given category or related set of categories. This in itself becomes a useful planning tool for plotting potential different consumer segments (based on the segment’s motivations on the axes), their related product needs and brand preferences. It serves to show how markets are structured currently as well as an effective tool for identifying opportunity gaps.

The map below shows an interesting market structure based on shopping habits and needs. The horizontal axis shows which channel they prefer to buy in and the vertical shows what information they use for making purchase decisions. As such, it provides the foundation for effective shopper marketing strategy.



Non-Linear Shopping Process


Purchase behavior is no longer a “linear” process. No longer does the old “pull” and “push” model work to fully explain the consumer shopping and brand marketing process. Consumers are now engaged in a much more dynamic non-linear shopping process whether it’s for automobiles, personal care or even groceries. They are engaged now almost 24/7 in learning, building knowledge, identifying the best products and sourcing their ultimate place of purchase. Consumers are influenced in some cases by many touch points throughout the shopping process. It is critical now that brand managers understand the new shopping process for their categories and consumer segments to develop a truly competitive “go-to-market” strategy.