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Digital Marketing / Social Media

Savitz Social Media Netrics™


Savitz Social Media Netrics™ is one of the most advanced social media mining systems in the world powered by a unique alliance between Savitz Consulting Solutions and NetBase.


Savitz Netrics is designed to assist marketers in leveraging social media to achieve critical brand building objectives and important defensive initiatives. Savitz Netrics provides the following social media analysis and marketing reporting:


1. Brand Audits – reveals the brand’s identity (what it is known for) and breakthrough of ads, products, spokespersons and other elements of the brand) as well as its strengths, weaknesses and threats vs. competitors
2. Category Assessments – identifies category trends, drivers and the needs and motivations of consumers that define markets
3. Brand Tracking – tracks the social media performance of your brands over time vs. competitors
4. New Product Launches – measures the success of new product launches and provides critical early stage feedback
5. Impact of High-End Marketing Programs – monitors the success of high profile promotions and other marketing campaigns
6. Crisis Management – monitors the extent and nature of the brand crisis and provides feedback for counteracting the negative “fallout”


The Savitz Netrics system is powered by NetBase, the most advanced social media mining and analytics platform in the market today. NetBase uses its proprietary Natural Language Processing (supported by NetBase’s expert Ph.D. Linguistic staff) , to mine the actual conversation on the web. While this in itself is unique and valuable, NetBase also gives you the ability to track the “key words and phrases” you give it, which is all most competitive systems can do for you.


Other Digital Research Services from Savitz


  • Digital Qualitative – Savitz moderators utilize a variety of qualitative digital insights techniques where appropriate. These include: digital bulletin boards (3 to 5 days, or longer), digital focus groups and digital ethnographies.
  • Mobile Research – “Point of experience” research is achieved through the use of cell phones to receive and transmit survey data, photos and videos at the point of product shopping, purchase or usage.
  • Online Surveys – Online quantitative surveys are designed and conducted in local markets, nationally and internationally in over 30 countries.