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Marketing Analytics / ROI

One of the overriding concerns of executives today is measuring the impact of marketing “spend” on sales and profit. This is why Savitz has committed itself to the development and execution of marketing models throughout the marketing process to either optimize marketing programs for maximum revenue generation (consumer/buyer purchase likelihood) , or in some cases, the direct measurement of sales and profit.


Savitz has a deep and long history in modeling beginning with the Founder’s, President’s and Director of Marketing Analytics’ roots in the Marketing Sciences at Columbia, Cornell, Wharton and the University of Texas at Dallas. The Savitz Marketing Sciences team has designed and executed hundreds of marketing models studies over the past three decades for some of the world’s leading companies and brands.


Our expert Ph.D. staff is highly versed in all the latest forms of multivariate analyses, including:


  • Dependent methods – where we are trying to predict marketing outcomes. The techniques include: regression and discriminant analysis, canonical correlation, as well as conjoint and discreet choice analyses
  • Interdependent methods – where we are trying to understand the relationships among marketing variables and constructs as well as relationships among different groups of consumers. The techniques include: cluster and factor analyses, correspondence and perceptual mapping techniques
  • More recent techniques – which may involve dependent and interdependent techniques including: latent class analysis, hierarchical Bayes and structural equation modeling (SEM)


With the goal of maximizing sales and/or profit (marketing ROI) we have developed models covering a wide range of important marketing applications. The main categories of these marketing ROI models, include:


  • Brands and products
  • Customer relationship management
  • Advertising and communications
  • Pricing and promotion
  • Hispanic targets
  • Other models


We employ a number of approaches to modeling to assist management in making the best tactical and strategic decisions within the client’s competitive context. Savitz can be called in at any time during the client’s marketing program to provide testing, modeling of outcomes, strategic recommendations and marketing ROI calculations.



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Click on any of the following publications to view in PDF format:


A System For Testing Advertising.pdf (499 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Reconciling Hispanic And Non Hispanic.pdf (698 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Budget Friendly Optimal Pricing Research.pdf (988 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Optimal Discount Policy.pdf (567 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Price Optimization.pdf (676 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Optimal Promotion Selection.pdf (465 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Optimizing Advertising Budgets.pdf (500 kb) – Jeff Savitz and Ron Shipp – Author


Quick and Effective Optimal Pricing PDF (5.5 mb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Bottom-Line Customer Satisfaction (1280 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Product Line Optimization (562 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Targeted Direct Mail Marketing (857 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Speaking to Hispanics (505 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Retailing to Hispanics (461 kb) – Jeff Savitz – Author


Web site Strategy (1.1 mb) – Jeff Savitz – Author